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All discussions about Shire Gamers (who's coming this week, who wants to play what, etc...)
 can now take place here at the Shire Gamers Guild on BoardGameGeek!


Shire Gamers is our twice weekly Board Games and Card Games club, open to all of our customers.  

There is no direct cost to come along to either night, however if you're going to come along to the pub, it is only polite to buy a drink or two while you are there.  

And we provide the Thursday night gaming sessions for our customers. The phrase "our customers" refers to people who actually shop at Shire Games!  Also ... If there's 3 or more of you, then you are not the idea behind the games evenings.  They would soon come to a stop if everyone brought along a couple of friends.  They're for our regulars who perhaps don't have any regular gaming partners.  And we do this for free - So it is only polite perhaps to be in contact first, or maybe just ask if it is ok when you arrive, rather than walking into a place without saying a word and sitting down.  
Hm.  That was a bit of a rant.  Sorry about that.  But we're beginning to feel that people are taking advantage of us.  If it carries on, then Thursday games nights will just stop. We reserve the right to refuse admission.


Our schedule is currently as follows:

Monday Night (from 6.45pm): The White Star, 63 Kingsway, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1JB. 
(Over 18's only, for obvious reasons.  People tend to arrive from 6.45pm onwards.)

Thursday Night (from 6.30pm): Shire Games, 41a Parliament Row, Hanley, ST1 1PW. For Directions click here.
(Over 15's only, I'm afraid. People start arriving from 6.30pm. Last arrivals 8.30pm please.) 


The next meeting will be at The White Star on Monday, 27th February 2017.


Thursdays should be starting again in March!


Session Reports & Scores

Here are links to all the games played and scores from previous Shire Gamers meetings:

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