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Thursday 2nd October 2008


Nine of us in the shop this week ....


Alex, Darren, Dave H, Mike, Nick, Rachel, Simone, Steve, Sue


Games Played:


Witch's Brew

The first five in were brewing potions again .... 

Sue:    (17 + 2)    19
Nick:    (13 + 2)    15
Darren:    (8 + 6)    14
Rachel:    (10 + 4)    14
Mike:    (5 + 7)    12

Always a fun game. This one was actually pretty short - It may have only gone four rounds in total, as we grabbed the first four "crow" cards to show up, all in the same round! A good win for Sue in a pretty close game.


Sushizock im Gockelwok

Four more arrived, and went upstairs with this fun little dice game .... 

Steve:    9
Alex:    5
Dave:    0
Simone:    -1

This one looks like a pretty comfortable win for Steve!


Power Grid

We now split into two groups for some longer games. This was the choice of the gang of four ....

Sue:    18/18 Cities    (€176)
Simone:    18/18 Cities    (€172)
Alex:    17/17 Cities    (€198)
Darren:    17/17 Cities    (€181)

This looks it was remarkably tight! You don't often see the guy that powered 17 cities in the final round actually come in in last position! A very close fight, which Sue managed to win by a grand total of four electros from Simone!


El Grande

And the other five of us were off to Spain ....

Nick:    108
Mike:    102
Dave:    95
Rachel:    91
Steve:    76

This was also a pretty tight contest. After the first scoring, we were all about 2 points apart. Then Mike started to edge away a little after round 6, and Steve had started to slip back a bit. But in the final scoring things changed once again, as I started to reap the benefits from a few handy third places, which gave me a couple of points here and there, enough in the end to pip Mike to the post. Everyone enjoyed this one ... a really fun game.



Mike had to leave, and the other four of us had time for this quickie while Power Grid finished ...

Steve:    46
Dave:    40
Nick:    40
Rachel:    26

There's a rarity. Rachel plays a game for the first time and doesn't win it!  In fact, this was the first game for all of us, and we realised about half way through that perhaps those bonus cards that cost you money are actually a worthwhile investment, only they are much more worthwhile if you buy them as soon as you can afford them, and not towards the end of the game!  After a little buying frenzy, the man with the third boat turned out to be the winner.  That, coupled with the fact that there are 6 boat cards and only 2 each of all the others, made us think that perhaps we all should have bought one!



Alex disappeared, and the remaining seven of us decided to end with this fun little card game ....

Simone:    59
Dave:    50
Steve:    49
Rachel:    34
Darren:    32
Nick:    30
Sue:    20

This is always fun. The game ended pretty quickly, actually, with the Sheriff not even halfway through the woods on his way back to Nottingham, as all of the special cards had been claimed. Simone managed to conduct a pretty good trade at the end of the game, giving her just the cards she was missing to complete the "one of each" set, and stealing the win from Dave, who was sat with two (identical) 25-pointers.


And that was all we managed this week. Thanks to those who came along.