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Designer: Bruno Faidutti

Publisher: Repos Production

Players: 2 to 13

Ages: 10+

Time: 30 minutes

This is a clever, and extremely fun, little game of hidden identities and trying to keep track of everyone.

The game only consists of one card for each player in it, and those cards are different characters with abilities.

Each player gets a character, and after a couple of seconds they are all turned face down.

At this point, a few may get swapped around!

After that, on your turn you can either peek at your card, swap two cards (or pretend to swap them!), or invoke a character's action.

If you take a character's action, you don't have to actually have that character - but anyone can challenge you by claiming to be that character themselves!

A fun game, and one that will play up to thirteen players!



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