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Designer: Bruno Faidutti

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Players: 2 to 7

Ages: 12+

Time: 45 minutes

Citadels is an excellent game of character selection, trying to work out what the heck everyone else is going to do, and flying under the radar as much as possible!

Roles are passed around the table, with each player secretly taking one, and then the selected characters will act in a specific order.

Even if you are the thief or the assassin, you can't just pick on the leader - unless you can successfully work out which character they might have taken!

Use your character's special ability, and then build a building into your district. Some buildings will give you cash bonuses, others special actions, and others will just be worth some points at the end of the game.

It's a clever little game, and one that has been a best-seller of ours for years.

And we currently have three different versions of the game:

Citadels Classic is the original game, containing 8 character cards;

The Fantasy Flight version has those, plus a second alternative set so that you can mix and match from sixteen characters;

And the new (for 2016) Citadels contains 27 character cards, along with their matching tokens, to add even more variety to the game.

You can choose which version you would like below ...



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