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Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Designer: Stefan Feld

Publisher: Rio Grande Games

Players: 2 to 5

Ages: 10+

Time: 75 minutes

Number 11 in the Alea "Big Box" Series of games, this is also one of the best. A game full of agonising decisions, where players are managing a very limited supply of gold, influence and victory points, whilst at the same time trying to avoid a rat infestation at their harbour which could cost them dearly! Apart from the ingenious way that the board fits together, there are also some excellent blends of mechanics in this one, as players have to choose a card and pass the rest to their left neighbour, while unsure what they will receive from their right neighbour! This leads to several tricky decisions on how to use what you're dealt. And the game last for nine rounds, which don't take long to play once you all know the game. It's probably about 20 minutes per player.



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