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Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert

Designer: Matt Leacock

Publisher: Gamewright

Players: 2 to 5

Ages: 10+

Time: 40 minutes

From the designer of the excellent Forbidden Island, and also therefore Pandemic, comes this sequel to the tile-based cooperative game of sinking islands.

This time you are not stuck on a sinking island, but instead your helicopter has crash-landed in a baking hot desert.

You were going to excavate a lost city and recover a legendary flying machine that is powered by the sun. But now, this machine is your only hope to escape!

Wander the desert, excavate parts of the city when you can, and look for the clues that will lead you to the four missing parts of the flying machine.

A constantly changing landscape, as well as the twin difficulties of the sand storm and your raging thirst, make this game a potentially even tougher challenge than its predecessors!

For those that know and love Forbidden Island (and if you aren't one of these people ... why not?) there are several changes to the system:

i) The landscape now changes as the storm blows across it;

ii) The locations of the four parts of the ship are unknown at the start - the two "clue" tiles will lead you to their whereabouts;

iii) The equipment cards that will help you are now only found when you excavate certain tiles;

iv) There is now a resource in the form of each player's water. So not only do you have to find the four parts of the ship before the storm gets too bad, but also you can't let anyone run out of water ... If one of you dies, you all fail!

An excellent sequel, that is quite possibly even better than its big brother.



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